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Zoie Bee moisturizing lip balm is made in the USA from organic or all natural food-grade ingredients.

Available in eleven delightful flavors, plus our unflavored Simply Natural. 



Our Zoie Bee lip balm ingredients next to three of the most common brands available. Simply Natural listed here.

Ingredients may vary slightly based on flavor. 

The story behind Zoie Bee

In 2018, Michelle discovered her favorite lip balm of over twenty years was discontinued. Her standard for lip balm is very high, and none other out there was satisfactory. The idea to create our own brand was brought to fruition and Zoie Bee was launched! Michelle now enjoys Zoie Bee lip balm even better. It brings us so much joy when you appreciate it, too!

Why choose Zoie Bee?

Our ingredients are food-grade.

Zoie Bee lip balm goes on smooth, tastes great, and heals dry lips. Not sticky or waxy.  All without unnecessary added chemicals and ingredients.

Unlike some "handcrafted" brands, Zoie Bee lip balm is made in the U.S.A. in a facility in compliance with FDA Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  We are offering you a safe product of consistent quality.

Zoie Bee lip balm is Gluten-Free and Cruelty-Free. Our lip balm is also completely free of parabens, lanolin, and petrolatum.

Our delicious flavors can pass a blindfold test.  Try it. ;-)


I absolutely love these - every flavor is so soft and buttery feeling on my lips! I wear a mask at work & this has saved my lips - I love to smell it under the mask too! Thank you for such a great value & product!!!  


"Your lip balm has arrived, and I am using it and liking it. My lips are smoother. There is a slight flavor that is pleasant."


"I love how smooth and buttery the chapsticks feel. My kids told me I tasted like a cookie when I kissed them with the vanilla one. Haha. Great product and I love the organic simple ingredients."


"The chapstick is nice.  It doesn't leave the lips still feeling chapped like some others do. Thank you!"


"I asked all my girls last night as we drove home from moms day lunch - they all said they really really liked it!  A. LOVED the honey. Great work on your new products!!!"


"Got the lip balms and I absolutely love them!! I really like all three flavors. Vanilla is my favorite right now. I will definitely buy more!!"


"Lots of different flavors to choose from! I love that the ingredients are all natural. Leaves my lips nice and soft!"


"I really like the lip balm. It's very smooth, and moisturizing. It also is long-lasting, and lasted several hours even after I was drinking water. I used it overnight and it seemed to keep my lips from being dried out in the morning. It has a nice lingering scent to it as well. Overall, I'd say A plus plus plus. Job well done!"


"We got our raspberry and natural lip balms. We love them!!!!!"


"Zoie Bee is the first lip balm I have ever used up! Ordering more."